Project Linus (Canberra Chapter) - Providing Security through Blankets

About Project Linus (Canberra Chapter)

Project Linus (Canberra Chapter) was started in February 2005 by Rebecca Buist (co-ordinator).

" I am a mother of two young children, a registered nurse and lost a favourite childhood cousin to cancer so was truely inspired when I first heard about Project Linus from a Canadian friend".

Project Linus (Canberra Chapter) was made possible through the wonderful support and guidance of Project Linus Canada's National President, Rona Kleiman.  We are so extremely grateful for her time and willingness to help.  Project Linus (Canberra Chapter) is privileged to have Project Linus Region #17 in Toronto, Canada as it's Sister Chapter.

To date, Project Linus ( Canberra Chapter) has delivered blankets to seriously ill and traumatised babies, children and teens at The Canberra Hospital, The Calvary Hospital, The Cancer Council ACT (Kidscan Playgroup) and the ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.

Project Linus (Canberra Chapter) is grateful to the nursing staff, councellors and carers at these facilities for their support of Project Linus and assistance in distributing blankets to children most in need.

Currently, we are only aware of one other Project Linus Chapter in Australia.  We would be delighted to hear news from other Project Linus Chapters in Australia (and abroad).

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